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An NYU Undergraduate Thesis Film
29 Minutes. Color. Super 16mm
Directed By Boris Riabov. Produced By Emellie O'Brien & Lucas Verga. Cinematography By Zach Kuperstein.
Samuel Adams -- Sean C. Affleck -- Rachel McKeon
© 2012

Make Way For My Way witnesses the last twenty-four hours of friendship between Arthur Abbey and Paul Carnival: two young musicians dealing with the imminent departure of Paul for the Navy to provide for his wife, Veronica, and their infant son, Christopher. Together they have shared an uptown New York City apartment for the last two years - an uneasy time during which Arthur has grown deeply attached to the family he has sheltered. Paul's relationship with Veronica will either rupture or mend by the night's end, and Arthur will be left to seek his own way of life or remain forever alone - grieving - in his empty Neverland. My Way follows Arthur's struggle to preserve the only family he has come to love; and the two young men try to live their last moments - in the moment - as their time together has come to an end.